Bescherelle: L'Art du Conjuguer

Bescherelle: L’Art de conjuguer 


An absolute must have for intermediate to advanced French learners.



Smaller and more durable than the 501 French Verbs, your Bescherelle will become your most prized French reference book as you develop your French language skills.  With reference examples of over 12000 verb conjugations, you will find you are learning more and more each time you open it. The straightforward and easy to use index will ensure that you find your reference quickly, and will allow you to recognize similarly conjugated verbs.  

Once I was able to comfortably use my Bescherelle, I gave my 501 to my brother!

Bescherelle - L'art du conjuguer 1998 Edition Bescherelle - l'art du conjuguer 2006 edition

Beginners will find the book a little daunting at first as it is entirely in French, but Intermediate and Advanced learners will likely appreciate the smaller size and increased breadth of verbs.  L’art de conjuguer is the first book in a three step series (Conjuguer, Orthographie, Grammaire), so you might be interested in taking a look at the others if you feel you need a reference for either grammar or orthography.

 Prices for the latest edition are in the range of $13-16, which is very reasonable for a hardcover reference.



•Pros -Hardcover 
-12000 Verbs included
-Longterm resource 
•Cons -Not ideal for beginners (ie. written in French)


 Overall this is a highly recommended resource and ideal for Intermediate and Advanced learners.  Beginners should take a look at 501 French Verbs.