Babelfish is an online text translator (including English-French and French-English)

Babelfish:  The ever convenient language translator, and generator of hilarity.  While coaxing a coherent sentence out of Babelfish was previously something of a unique skill, there have been some fairly significant translation improvements over the years. The result is a reasonably accurate (albeit basic) language translator that can be a big help to Beginners.  Basic sentences seem to translate fairly well, and running larger translations will still manage to give the user the general gist of what is trying to be communicated (though are riddled with errors).  I know of a number of people who also like to use Babelfish as a quick translation dictionary, but I much prefer WordReference as it provides a list of possible translations for various settings.
Intermediate and Advanced learners will likely benefit more from forming their own sentences and running them through BonPatron.
Check out Babelfish and run some test translations so you’re aware of what it is capable of.