Coeur de Pirate

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Coeur de Pirate Coeur de Pirate is the stage name/alias for Béatrice Martin, a French Canadian indie-pop singer-songwriter.  Featuring the piano, Coeur de Pirate has a unique light pop sound that might bring a bit of Regina Spektor or Kate Nash to mind, and gives you just one more pleasant reason why you should brush up on your French skills. Her deput album, Coeur de Pirate, was released on September 16, 2008 and went on to be...

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Numbers List

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Numbers / Nombres   Chiffres Arabes Cardinaux Ordinaux 1 un(e) premier (1er), première (1re) 2 deux deuxième (2e) 3 trois troisième (3e) 4 quatre quatrième 5 cinq cinquième 6 six sixième 7 sept septième 8 huit huitième 9 neuf neuvième 10 dix dixième 11 onze onzième 12 douze douzième 13 treize treizième 14 quatorze quatorzième 15 quinze quinzième 16 seize seizième 17 dix-sept dix-septième 18 dix-huit dix-huitième 19 dix-neuf dix-neuvième 20...

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Malajube Malajube is a francophone indie rock band from Montreal with a unique combination sound that I have difficulty describing. It’s almost as if they’ve managed to blend Muse, Arcade Fire, and Radiohead together (among others) to form a jumble of sound that ends up working really well. Their deput album, Le Compte complet, was released in 2004 and received positive exposure in Quebec with several of their songs receiving regular airtime....

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