Verb Tenses

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    The 14 French tenses: For each tense, I will show you an example of what English equivalents there would be by using the verb Marcher (to walk). Bear in mind that for a number of tenses, there is no direct equivalent between French and English.  For simplicity’s sake, I have organized the tenses into simple and compound.   At the bottom of this summary chart there is a small table that shows another way that these tenses can be organized.  ...

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Basic Sentences

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      Building basic French sentences:   Here is a quick overview of how to build basic French sentences from an introductory knowledge of subjects, verbs, and tenses.   What is a subject? A subject is the person or thing that is performing an action (a verb).  A  basic understanding of pronoun subjects is important as it will allow you to appropriately conjugate verbs and build sentences. French pronoun subjects: Je        = I Tu        = You...

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