Top 25 Nouns

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  The top 25 English nouns translated into French   The Oxford English Corpus (of the Oxford English Dictionary) tracks lemmas or base words (eg. “talk” includes “talk”, “talked”, “talking””, etc.) and their frequency of usage in the English language.  Below, I have taken the top 25 nouns and translated them into French. Please bear in mind that in some cases there is no direct translation for an English word.  I have tried my best to include...

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Verb Tenses

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    The 14 French tenses: For each tense, I will show you an example of what English equivalents there would be by using the verb Marcher (to walk). Bear in mind that for a number of tenses, there is no direct equivalent between French and English.  For simplicity’s sake, I have organized the tenses into simple and compound.   At the bottom of this summary chart there is a small table that shows another way that these tenses can be organized.  ...

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Basic Sentences

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      Building basic French sentences:   Here is a quick overview of how to build basic French sentences from an introductory knowledge of subjects, verbs, and tenses.   What is a subject? A subject is the person or thing that is performing an action (a verb).  A  basic understanding of pronoun subjects is important as it will allow you to appropriately conjugate verbs and build sentences. French pronoun subjects: Je        = I Tu        = You...

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