Bescherelle: L’Art de Conjuguer

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Bescherelle: L’Art de conjuguer      An absolute must have for intermediate to advanced French learners.     Smaller and more durable than the 501 French Verbs, your Bescherelle will become your most prized French reference book as you develop your French language skills.  With reference examples of over 12000 verb conjugations, you will find you are learning more and more each time you open it. The...

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501 French Verbs

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501 French Verbs by Christopher and Theodore Kendris is an excellent supplementary text, particularly for beginner French learners. Ideally, this book will be used to help familiarize oneself with some of the common and important verbs while learning and recognizing the appropriate conjugation rules. By the intermediate French learning stage the learner might find this book a little too bulky to be used as a quick reference and find it contains...

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